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Data Scientist | Tutor | IBM Data Science Professional Certified.
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My Core Values

Data Science Professional Certified

I am IBM Data Science Professional Certified, specializing in the Data Science. I have earned the Golden Badge #Rank1 in Python and SQL from HackerRank.

A Great Tutor

I taught Data Science, programming in Python, experimental Data Science Projects, and received extensive training in academic writing, presenting, and project management.

eCourses & Youtuber

I create e-learning courses as well for online tutoring and also prepare guideline and curriculum as per the requirement in Data Science and Other topics. Also, presently teaching on YouTube Channel -Brainy Data Science.

Our Services

Online Classes

We provide Online classes for full Python course and the Data Science courses.


Consultation to start your career in the Data Science. Let's get started to make your career


Identify trends in data sets and build a dashboard and Data Entry services


Clean, aggregate, and organize data from disparate sources to build dashboards

Data Modelling

Designing of data modelling processes to create various algorithms and predictive models and also performs custom analysis

Business decisions

Manipulate large data sets, use them to identify trends and reach meaningful conclusions to inform strategic business decisions

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